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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things We Did Over the Summer.....

One of the high points of Summer this year was having an "apartment" added on to the back of our house for my Mom and brother. We all wanted to live together on this beautiful piece of property, but realized we would all need the privacy we had been used to sometimes. So after much debating and plan drawing, changes and add on ideas, we came up with a house plan we all thought was appropriate!

Things literally went as slow as molasses from that point onward. It seems that it's much harder than you would think to find people who are actually wanting to work for their money! That being the case, we've slogged our way through a lot of the detail work. We were able, however, to find and hire a gentleman from Ohio to come here with an Amish crew and build the outer shell of the add-on. It was a real experience to sit back and watch the Amish guys as they put it all up from scratch.

There were only five guys on the crew, they came by way of a driver, whose only job it was to be their chauffeur. They brought with them all the necessary lumber and roofing supplies needed for the shell. We also had them to put up board and batten siding for us while they were here. I LOVE THIS SIDING!!! It is all knotty pine, which incidentally we have got to get sealed before old man Winter makes his first visit.

What we thought could be done in a few short weeks has turned into a bit of a nightmare for us. Truly nobody we know seems to want to be hired! In this economy this is somewhat of a surprise to all of us. I can't imagine turning my nose up at good money for honest work but that is exactly what has happened over and over. So... my 13 year old son, Ethan, has decided he is grown up enough to do things like hanging insulation, laying tiles, and generally doing anything he is capable of! He's doing a wonderful job so far, and is earning some honest money from honest work. He is learning the value of a job well done, he is learning about work ethics, and learning that getting filthy while working is a perfectly natural and acceptable way to earn a living. Most importantly, he is learning that family is one of  the most important responsibilities you have while on this Earth.

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