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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going Walkabout...

The wind had a definite nip to it today but we went walkabout anyway. I think I was having some seasonal depression from lack of fresh air and sunlight! Left the dishes and laundry and all my cares behind me as I went out the door. Drug the whole  crew along with me for a walk through the back fields.

Wow, it has really grown up back there in the last weeks of Summer. There were clumps of grass 10-12 feet tall back there. Blackberry canes were rampant, it was an obstacle course walk. We should have no trouble getting a deer this year, the trails were well travelled and very numerous. The rain earlier this week took most of the remaining leaves off the trees, but there were still splashes of bright color here and there to marvel at.

I decided to pick up anything interesting that could be made into a basket arrangement and came home with some long canes of Rose Hips, some pinecones, some dried curly grass, and some wispy little branches to fill a basket with. Matt was content to gather pinecones, but Ethan decided to collect Rose Hips for tea along the way. He picked a little bag full, and then took a shortcut and beat us home... lazy thing!!! lol! I meant to look along the damp places to see if there was any mint left to pick but got distracted by a hundred things and forgot. I suppose if the weather permits, I'll go out tomorrow and find whats left of it.

***YAWN***  Well, here it is 1:30 in the morning and I'm still up, think I'd better give up for tonight or my poor goat will be mad at me tomorrow. She likes a regular schedule of milking!  Nite all.....

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