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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oops! Forgot About My Blog!

LOL... Seriously, I'm never going to be one of those wonderful, organized bloggers who manages to update her blog on a daily basis. I always mean to... but somehow daily happenings (homeschooling,  milking the goat, pasteurizing, making cheese, cooking, mowing, chickens, working on the house, hunting mushrooms, crafting, using my herbs to make tinctures and salves etc..keeps me from it..  And now I'm about to forge ahead into the fascinating world of soap making. I'm tired just listing all that. At least I'm good about taking lots of pics as I go, even if I do forget to post them here until months later! I took some beautiful Fall pics of the boys, and some of the Grandkids as well. The leaves have been beautiful this week and when the sun filters down through the trees its very appealing to just go walk-about rather than work!

My oldest sister got to come for a week this month and we had such a good time all of us together and at ease. We didn't do much as far as running around, but we had lots of time to talk and catch up on news. We drank a lot of coffee, goofed off, cooked and ate A LOT of comfort food that week! We sat around the campfire in our yard and she got to see stars  that she can't see in Georgia.. the city lights there blot them all out. It was a wonderful time for us, we hadn't been together in at least 10 years. The week flew by and next time she comes we may twist her arm to stay at least 2 weeks... or 3..... or? Maybe the Summer!

Well, I'm finally drowsy, better sleep while I can. Matthew fell down the gravelled road today and is so scraped up that I'm having to give Ibuprofen every 6 hrs for the pain. He'll be up around 6 wanting Ibu. and some lidocaine on the worst of it. Putting up some new pics tomorrow. Have a great week!  

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  1. Hi Kathy found you from the FB group Primitives, Antiques & Vintage Decorating. Don't worry about posting I just do when I feel like it you will get use to it. Love your blog I will post yours on mine too come check mine out when you can. Have a great Weekend!