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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Oh my goodness, it was the longest, dreariest Winter I can ever remember. But can it be that Spring is truly here at last? The answer is YES! It IS FINALLY Spring here on the Fork. We've had a ton of rain so far, but yesterday Eric was able to plow up the main garden and today he went over it again. I must say its looking pretty good for a brand new garden! It appears to be very nice dark loamy soil that should grow veggies like gang busters. The field is huge compared to the garden spot at the other farm, so we doubled our garden area, and may even till up more if we run out of space.

Our chickens are looking fat and sassy, I'm so pleased that they are so healthy. We have around 15 hens with three roosters and get approximately 12 eggs a day. We also have 20 new chicks in the brooder to replace a few older layers and to put some in the freezer. This week I have to find time somehow Even more exciting, I've finally located a quality milk goat that should be perfect for our needs. Right now I'm just talking back and forth with the owner, trying to firm up a date when I can go pick her up. She's a registered Alpine doe, seconds freshener, with a wonderful udder. I'm really hoping she can supply all our milk and cheese needs until I can locate a second doe so I can stagger lactations.

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