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Friday, February 4, 2011


So.... hi to everyone from Horse Fork Farm! This is the place we hang our hats now, and I must say we really are enjoying having a new place to call home. We're still home schooling, and still trying to simplify our lives... though I'd say the schooling is going much better than the simplifying! Its not that we don't WANT things to slow down for us. We'd LOVE a chance to just kick back and stay at home for days on end. The simple truth is that life in todays world is pretty darn hard to slow down at  all! So, the hubby still works at the hospital every day, and I still keep things going on the home front.

There have been a lot of changes in our lives lately. We lost my Dad in October and theres this huge hole where He used to be. He was sick for so long that we all knew He could go at anytime, still, it was such a shock when He was gone. We all got to spend another 8 months with Him after He came home from the Cleveland Clinic. We knew it was His last trip up there..... they were good to tell us the truth so we could be prepared. Lots and lots of changes..... So what do you do when everything changes? Well, you go forward as best you can and thats what we're doing. We've got the new Farm, and my Mother and younger brother are moving here with us. Boy do we have a million plans for this place! It's so exciting to sit here with my seed catalogs and plan my big garden, the herb garden, cutting flower beds, a greenhouse..... Some lovely chickens came to roost here last week, some Rhode Island Reds, a few Buff Orpingtons, and some Barred Rocks and Silver Laced Wyandottes.  A couple of little brown rabbits somehow snuck their way onto the truck at the same time and Matthew really likes them!

We really miss the old farm, but who wants to live under the brand new, locally useless, high tension mega power line thats cutting a big nasty gash across my beautiful State?  Not I... or hubby or kids want to live under that huge humming monstrosity. So we moved, and try very hard not to look back too much, because we meant to live there the rest of our lives, and can't now.....

Okay, enough of the sad memories. Lets get moving, going forward, making plans, making things happen. So what if I'm already 45? It will take me a little longer to do things.... weeds in my garden just might get ahead of me but its ok, I'll get them eventually. Spring  is coming very soon. How do I know this?  The birds are already coming back, the early bushes have green buds on them. It smells like Spring when the ground warms up under the sun. Hurry up Spring, I need your help to bring me my dreams in warm raindrops, white clouds, and warm brown earth. Come and make me SMILE again!!!

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